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Pros and Cons of purchasing a Home with a Pool

Suppose you’ve never owned a property with a pool. In that case, you may be unfamiliar with the level of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to maintain the refreshing accessory we all associate with relaxation. You also probably haven’t experienced simply having to walk outside to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

 What we’re trying to say is, there are great benefits as well as potential drawbacks to owning a property with a pool, so we’ve compiled a list to let you decide for yourself if a pool is part of your dream home must-haves.


Perfect for entertaining guests

Many of us have a vivid recollection of being invited to a pool party as a child and all the excitement that came along with it. There’s no doubt that having a pool is an excellent way to level up any soiree. Even if you don’t go swimming, it doesn’t hurt to have a nice lit pool be the backdrop for your party. 

May increase home’s market value

Some people want a pool so badly that they’ll build one for themselves if they can’t find a house with a pre-installed pool. If you happen to live in a location that boasts warm weather year-round, a house with a pool is likely to have a higher selling price than its neighboring competition. 

A great way to keep active

If the idea of a home gym is too farfetched, but you’re the kind of person who likes to get their exercise in, a home pool is a perfect way to get the heart pumping. It’s a fantastic option for those individuals who suffer from joint issues, as swimming can offer a therapeutic benefit. 



Cost of maintenance 

The cost of maintenance not only lies in money you’ll be spending to purchase the necessary chemicals to keep your pool sanitary. It would be best if you also considered the time and effort you’ll need to put in to keep the pool free of debris and clean the pool filter every few months or so. 

A potential hazard for children 

Sadly, swimming pool accident casualties for children and even adults are a genuine risk you’ll have to consider when it comes to owning a pool. However, you can take precautions, such as installing safety fencing and making sure children are being supervised at all times outdoors. 

Higher insurance prices

Since pools can present serious hazards, this can cause home insurance rates to skyrocket. However, you can take steps to make sure your rates don’t get too high. A safety fence, for example, can keep exuberant costs at bay. 

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